Vinayak is advisor to the following companies:

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Wezatele, Kenya: 

Weza Tele Ltd is a leading Kenyan technology startup focused on providing value add mobility and financial solutions at the micro distribution sector. In 2015, Weza Tele was acquired for more than KSHS 150M (more than USD 1.5M) by AFB/Jumo.

My key roles involve advising the company in strategic decisions, business development, talent management and in negotiations.



StudyQA, Russia

StudyQA is a smart search platform for programs, universities and scholarships around the world. We aim to help students from developing countries where access to information on higher education abroad is very limited find universities and colleges which suit their interest, match their background and financial resources. On the other hand we assist universities in reaching out to talented individuals around the world and bring diversity to their campuses.



OgaVenue, Nigeria – Nigeria’s Largest online event venue booking portal

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"Vinayak chose not to crib about poor facilities at IIT Delhi's reading room, but took it up as a challenge to generate students awareness and forced the authorities to bring about a remarkable change."

Gaurav Amarpuri, Aditya Birla Group

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