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No.1 killer in India is not any disease or lack of resources, but it is the lack of information! Access to specialist doctors in really limited in India. More than 40% of Indian population has to travel over 200 kms to consult a specialist doctor.

We are building an IT platform to enable easy access to specialist and super-specialist doctors for medical second opinion. This platform is a cloud based service, and aims to connect people living in tier-2/ tier-3 cities, and villages with the specialist doctors who are located in metros and bigger cities.

The platform for online medical second opinion is currently focused on providing second opinion in cancer cases. Typically each of the cancer has multiple ways of treatment using a combination of radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. Exact course, combination and duration of treatment depends upon the individual case of the patient, and experience of the doctor. Thus, second opinion becomes very important when choosing treatment for cancer. Even celebrities like Lance Armstrong, Kylie Minogue and Jade Goody were misdiagnosed initially for their cancers.

I would invite you to visit our website, and have a look through the concept in action. We have already been receiving cases from different parts within country like Jhansi, Ranchi, Chennai, Lucknow, Mumbai, Rohtak etc. seeking for second opinion. The opinion is provided by top cancer specialist doctors  to patients, depending upon the specialty and condition of the submitted case.





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